23rd International Conference on
Emerging Technologies And Factory Automation
October, 2018, Funchal, Portugal

Startups Forum

One of the most time effective and financially efficient mechanisms to develop technology are hi-tech startups.

Top experts from hi-tech firms from Europe and the USA, including Silicon Valley, as well as executives from international venture capital and investment firms, will be talking about selected aspects of the life-cycle of hi-tech startups, innovation and technology acquisition, and funding for technology development among many topics to be covered.

Issues addressed:

  • life cycle of hi-tech startups
  • sources of investment funding
  • business plans
  • exit strategy
  • open innovation schemes
  • role of hi-tech multinational firms
  • role of government and gov. institutions

Recommended to:

  • researches/students planning commercialization of their research results through startups or direct commercialization
  • academic institution units involved in commercialization (Technology Transfer Centers), as well as the management of Technology Parks and hi-tech firms operating there
  • persons responsible for technology development and transfer
  • local and central government authorities